Measure G

Natural disasters have become a fact of everyday life, and Larkspur is working to be better prepared. A key issue for Larkspur is that our 75-100-year-old storm drains are aging and deteriorating rapidly. Many have not been repaired in over 25 years and are starting to create sinkholes. This is especially concerning for major roads in and out of town and our neighborhoods that are prone to flooding and vulnerable to the impacts of long-term sea level rise.

The costs to repair our storm drains is over $20 million, and rising inflation means that costs will continue to increase the longer we wait. At the same time, Larkspur needs to continue to maintain our roads, infrastructure, and keep our neighborhoods and parks safe.

As a result of these issues, on July 20, 2022, the Larkspur City Council voted unanimously to place Measure G, Larkspur’s Disaster Preparedness and Essential Services Measure, on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

November is also the City’s Municipal Election, including City Council races. For voting information visit or contact the Larkspur City Clerk at or (415) 927-5002.

Policy for Use of Measure G Revenues



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