Parks Sign Improvements Project


In 2019, the City installed its first newly designed park entrance sign at Neighborhood Park to help answer the public's question aboaut whether this park was "just for the neighborhood" or if it was a City park. 

Since then, new park entrance signs were installed at Niven Park, Hamilton Park and Dolliver Park as part of improvement projects at these parks.  The high visibility of these parks will help forward the messaging that they are part of the City of Larkspur's park system. 

Several additional signs are planned to be installed in 2023, including Bon Air Landing Park, Heatherwood Park and Greenbrae School Park. By 2024, the Parks Signs Improvement Project will be complete as installations occur at Piper, Centennial and Remillard Parks.

Niven Park

Niven Park 2022 a

Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park 2022 b

Dolliver Park

Dolliver Park 2022

Neighborhood Park

Neighborhood Park, new sign installation


In 2019, the City installed its first park entrance sign with the new design at Neighborhood Park. 

In the past, there was confusion by members of the public whether this park was "just for the neighborhood" or if it was a City Park. The new sign now clearly identifies the park as being part of the City of Larkspur's park system. 


After a series of community meetings and public surveys, staff tasked its project architect team to develop design concepts.  In 2017, a final sign design was selected and, moving forward, is now the uniform design standard for all the City's parks and greenways. 

Rendering of new park entrance sign design

Sign rendering


The City's jurisdiction includes ten parks*.  The existing entrance signs have a hodgepodge of shortcomings:

  • most signs are heavily worn and need replacement;
  • several parks currently lack any signage;
  • only one park is identified as City-owned; 
  • existing signage is a mix of designs, colors and materials.

Uniformity of park entrance signs is desirable as it informs the public when they are in a City of Larkspur park versus parks in neighboring jurisdictions. Maintenance is also streamlined when the basic sign design and construction materials are the same.

(*the City's ten parks are Piper, Heatherwood, Centennial, Dolliver, Greenbrae School, Niven, Hamilton, Bon Air Landing, Neighborhood and Remillard Parks.)


The funding identified for this parks improvement project is the County of Marin's Parks Measure A grant program.  

Old Signs