Expedited Solar PV Permitting


Applicant can simply follow the simple project submission defined in permit process without having to fill out any other forms below.

 This page provides all of the needed links to forms and checklists necessary to utilize the City's Expedited Solar PV Permitting Process for One- & Two-Family Dwellings.  This process provides a nondiscretionary, expedited and streamlined permitting process for qualifying small rooftop solar systems for one-and two-family dwellings that are no larger than 10 kilowatts AC nameplate rating or 30 kilowatts thermal. Once all of the documentation is correctly completed and submitted, a permit will be processed and approved for issuance in a timely manner (usually 1 to 3 business days).

Step 1 - Read and understand the Submittal Requirements for Expedited Solar PV Permitting (Toolkit Document #1).

Step 2 - Review and complete the Eligibility Checklist for Expedited Solar PV Permitting (Toolkit Document #2)

Step 3 - Fully complete the Central - String Inverter (Toolkit Document #3) or the Microinverter and AC Module (Toolkit Document #4) Standard Plans as applicable.

Step 4 - Fully complete the Structural Criteria for Expedited Solar PV Permitting (Toolkit Document #5).

Step 5 - Fully complete and sign a building permit application. 

Step 6 - Submit all of the completed documentation (Step 2 through Step 5) along with the current fiscal year application fee to the City of Larkspur Building Department.

The Building Department will notify you when the documents have been reviewed and approved and the permit is ready to be issued.

Download all Expedited Solar PV forms and checklists (Toolkit Documents #1 through #5)