Typical Maintenance Activities

For questions or more information about the maintenance activities of the Public Works Department, please contact us at (415) 927-5017.


        -Bridge Decks



    Earth moving


        -Flood debris clean up

    Electronic speed indicator signs


        -Compliance with Marin County Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPP)


        -Pollution control

        -Prepare annual report for MCSTOPP

    Erosion control



        -Pipe rehabilitation

    Fleet equipment


        -Compaction equipment

        -Engineering equipment


        -Lawn mowers


        -Safety equipment for personnel and work zone

        -Sandbagging equipment

        -Striping equipment

        -Tanker truck



        -Tree cutting and trimming equipment


    Flood control

        -Catch basins


        -Drain inlets






    Graffiti removal

    Solid waste / recycling

        -Garbage collection and transport to dumpster

    Streets, highways, and roads

        -Herbicide application using BMP


        -Roadside maintenance

        -Signalized Intersections

        -Street lighting

        -Street paving and repairs

        -Street sweeping

        -Turf maintenance

    Traffic control




        -Parking stalls



        -Traffic stencils


        -Irrigation systems