Unfunded/Future Projects

Underfunded Projects

Underfunded Projects are those projects that have some identified funding.  Some of these may be partially funded by grants or other funds, but additional funding must be sourced and obtained.  These projects are typically not undertaken until a full funding plan is identified, although preliminary design work to better identify scope and develop grant applications is often started before the project is fully funded.

Unfunded Projects 

Unfunded Projects are identified in various City planning documents.  These projects may be reevaluated for inclusion in the CIP should economic conditions change, new funding opportunities arise, or other/new  projects  emerge  that  can  coordinate  with  the  City’s  CIP projects.  

Future projects

Future Projects are  anticipated to be built outside of the five-year CIP period considering the current pace and timing of new development. These projects are not included in the CIP, and this list is re-evaluated with each year’s CIP development.

Summary of Unfunded Projects (FY2018-19)