ADA Transition Plan

What is ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990. The ADA is one of the United States' most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in the mainstream on American life.

For more information:

Introduction to the ADA
Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended - The text of the law
Title II Regulations - Regulations that implement the ADA for state and local governments.

ADA Transition Plan

Under Title II Regulations of the ADA, the City of Larkspur is responsible for periodically updating and modifying its policies, practices, or procedures to avoid discrimination against people with disabilities through a Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan.

The primary responsibility of public agencies with regard to ADA is to provide equal access to:

  • Programs
  • Services
  • Activities
ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan
  • The Self-Evaluation is the City's assessment of its current policies, practices, and procedures and subsequent recommendations to correct these policies and practices so they are consistent with Title II requirements.
  • The Transition Plan identifies physical barriers in the City's facilities and outlines methods to ensure that all programs, activities and services are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities.