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Important Documents About Rose Lane

RFP for Consultant Services for Schematic Design of the Community Facility Parcel 
Request for Qualifications for Development of City-Owned Property for a Mixed-Use Development to Include Residential Use and a Public Facility 

Construction Project/Initial Studies
Niven Nursery Site Demolition Plan
Niven Nursery Site Demolition Plan Visual Exhibits
CLASP Subarea 3 Rose Garden Project
Rose Garden Project Initial Mitigation Study
Traffic Addendum
Traffic Memo February 2013
Larkspur Supplemental Geotechnical Report

Ordinance 972 Precise Development Plan
Ordinance 973 Development Agreement
Ordinance 962 Preliminary Development Plan

Staff Reports

Update on Community Facility Parcel Procedures and Granting Authority for Assessing Community Support for Publicly Financed Project Options (9.18.2019)| Link to Council Video
Study Session- Unfunded Infrastructure Project, Community Facility Parcel (8.14.2019) | Link to Council Video
Actions in Support of the Larkspur Library and Community  Center Task Force (2.06.2019) | Link to Council Video
Larkspur Library and Community Center General Discussion 2017 (1.18.2017) | Link to City Council Video
Design Criteria Approval (3.04.2015) | Link to Council Video
Community Facilities Parcel Design Award of Contract (10.1.2014)
2013 Community Facilities Parcel Update (4.02.2013)
Designation of Use for Community Facility Land at Rose Garden Project Site (6.06.2012) 
Planning Commission Staff Report (6.23.2009)
Rose Lane Project Page

Three town hall meetings were held in the Fall of 2015:

Town Hall Meeting #1 (Sep. 2nd at Redwood HS Kreps Conference Center):

Presentation Materials:
"Illustrative Examples of Community Character/Design" by Councilmember Dan Hillmer (large PDF)
Graphic Recording of Town Hall Meeting #1 by the Grove facilitating team

Town Hall Meeting #2 (Oct. 7th at CMPA Community Room):

Presentation Material:
Graphic Recording of Oct 7 Town Hall Meeting #2 by the Grove facilitating team

Town Hall Meeting #3 (Nov. 14th at Drakes Landing Community Room):

Presentation Material:
Graphic Recording of Town Hall Meeting #3
 by the Grove facilitating team

The Story So Far:
In 2013, the City Council adopted a master plan for the City's parcel at the Rose Lane Development on Doherty Drive. The Community Facility Parcel Master Plan envisions a new library and community facility for the property. Now it is time to bring this vision to life by designing the building that will be home to these uses.

The City Council requested the help of the community to bring Larkspur's vision for this gathering place to life. The community joined us for one of three Town Hall Meetings and shared their ideas and gave input. 

These meetings were intended to provide the city council with ideas and input from the Larkspur Community to help them in developing a design directive for the architectural design team on how the proposed Library and Community Center should "look and feel."

The team is working on the next steps now that the Town Hall meetings are completed.

The history and development of the Master Plan can be reviewed at Community Facility Master Plan.
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The Site is located on Doherty Drive at Rose Lane. The 2-acre parcel of land was dedicated to the City of Larkspur for development of a new Library & Community Center as part of the Rose Lane subdivision.