Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Update


Becoming a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community requires several elements. Safety is the number one concern of citizens, whether they are school children, avid or casual recreational bicyclists, bicycle commuters, pedestrians, or motorists. In many locations around the city, bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians must share narrow, high-traffic roadways.

Share the Path

Share the Path 

  • Be courteous.
  • Know the rules.
  • Be responsible.

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Project Update

The current Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan can be viewed here:  Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update

What's in the Works

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Bicycle & Pedestrian Concerns

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Current Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (Last updated 2006)

Map - Bikeways (11x17)

Map - Bikeways (42x42)