Rose Garden Construction Project

Construction Project Updates

May 2012 - The City Council will host three public meetings in May to discuss the use of the community facility/parkland parcel. Please visit the City's online calendar of events for meeting dates.

April 2012 - The Larkspur Planning Commission hosted a public study session to discuss the process for determining the use of the community facility/parkland parcel on the Rose Garden site on April 24, 2012.

February 2012 -
The second phase of construction for the Rose Garden Project began in February with soil surcharging. Surcharging involves laying of mounds of soil to stabilize the fill soils underneath, minimizing future settlement.

December 2011 - The City issued Demolition and Heritage Tree Removal permits to project developer The New Home Company for the initial phase of construction for the Rose Garden Project.

Habitat Restoration and Vegetation and Tree Removal
The initial phase of construction includes removal of significant underbrush and many trees, including 71 heritage-size trees consisting mostly of Bailey Acacias. However, many trees around the periphery of the site, including 18 heritage-size trees consisting mostly of Oaks and Redwoods, are designated for preservation and protection. Trees to be preserved include the Oak trees fronting the City's multi-use path along the old railroad right-of-way, most of the Liquid Amber trees along Doherty Drive, and numerous trees within a designated 'buffer' zone along Larkspur Creek.

A Native Plant Restoration Plan (below) has been approved to allow clearing of invasive, non-native plant species and phased removal of non-native trees along the creek bank. Replanting of native groundcover, bushes, and trees will occur over time to improve the viability of the Larkspur Creek habitat. A similar habitat restoration project has been recently implemented, at a smaller scale, on the creek bank between the new Twin Cities Police Authority headquarters and the Doherty Drive Bridge.

Demolition included removal of all on-site structures, with many identified to contain lead-based paints, asbestos, and other chemicals from the previous nursery operation. A Remedial Action Implementation Plan for the safe removal, remediation, and disposal of hazardous structures and soils was approved by the CAL-EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). The work was required to be performed by a specially licensed remediation contractor consistent with local, State, and Federal regulations.

A stormwater pollution prevention program (SWPPP) and construction management plan (CMP) will be implemented for all demolition, tree removal, grading, and site construction activities, to address protection of water resources, traffic and pedestrian safety, and measures for hauling, noise, dust, and emission control.

Additional Information
Additional construction project information and documents can be reviewed as made available at the Larkspur Building Department. For more information, you can contact the New Home Company directly at (415) 226-3453.

Construction Documents
Future Development Phases

The next phase of improvements will involve surcharge of soils and finished grading. These mounds will eventually be removed as final site grading is completed. The surcharging and site grading will occur in two phases from winter 2012 through Summer of 2013, although the length of this work may vary depending on specific site and subsurface conditions. It is anticipated that site infrastructure improvements will begin in Fall of 2013, with building construction to begin in 2014.