Identity Theft, Email & Internet Fraud

Protect Yourself
Be cautious of any email received requesting the updating of a records file. These fraudulent emails claim to be from a legitimate company such as eBay, Netscape, Earthlink, and so on. The company's official logo will appear on the email message in an attempt to make the message appear legitimate. However, there are several flaws with the message, most notably the misspelling of words.
Protect your Identity

The Scam
The message will advise the recipient that their account needs to be updated. The message will request the recipient to fill in the blank fields with personal information such as a user ID and password, credit card number, or any other type of personal information.

The sender of these emails is attempting to steal your identity. Do not respond to these emails. Protect your personal information. If you have an account with one of these companies and receive a request to update your personal information, delete the message and contact the company directly to avoid any possibility of identity theft.

For More Information
See the Federal Trade Commission website for further information about email fraud, identity theft, and Internet fraud.